• Food Styling 101 - my top five beginner must have tools

    I see you. You’re creative, you love food, you're moved by food photography, you have a passion for cooking, you love the story behind a dish, and the moments surrounding creating a beautiful meal.

    You've dabbled in food photography or you're a seasoned pro, but you feel a bit lost when it comes to food styling. You want to learn more about food styling, or improve on your styling so you can take better photos. But you aren't sure where to start, how to learn, or what you need. It took me years of research, trial and error (so much error!), and experience to learn exactly what I needed in my food styling kit. And now, I want to share that knowledge with you - FOR FREE.

    Below is a list of my top five beginner must have items in my professional kit and how I use them. I've also included links to either the exact item I have, or a similar option. 

    1. cotton gloves - must have when moving plates, glassware, and flat ware around to avoid leaving finger prints.

    2. toothpicks - stacking pancakes, building sandwiches, creating artful garnishes, so many uses!

    3. fine mist spray bottles - condensation, freshly washed veggies, adding water droplets.

    4. vegetable glycerine - a mix of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% water will create the perfect water beads that will last. (this is what is in my fine mist spray bottles!)

    5. culinary torch - to caramelize sugar, melt fat, add char, and reheat anything that might be “dying”. make sure to adjust the torch strength before firing!

    Food styling is 100% about problem solving and being able to come up with creative solutions, quickly. The more prepared you are, the more professional you'll look and the lower the overall stress level of the shoot. And, with the right tools you can relax and focus on making the food look it's best!

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